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The Multi-Mode Fiber Coupler dependent on Two PXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel Fiber fused bi-conical EPTTr EPT period of time It has solitary or multi home windows period of time The devices are developed and manufactured to meet Telcordia GR-1209-Main needs and RoHS compliant
Apps Functions
LAN Lower Surplus Decline
Core Room EPT Trustworthiness
Video clip Surveillance
Fiber EPTal JCEPor
Ordering Info
EPTMC- – – – – – – –

Ports Wavelength Coupling ratio Fiber Variety Pigtail Dia interval Pigtail Duration Deal EPTor Kind
twelve equals1x2 eighty five equals850nm 01 equals01 sol99 OM1 lpar62 period5 sol125 rpar 02 equals0 period25mm 05 equals50cm A1 lpar2 comma three comma 4 rpar FU lparA rpar equalsFC solUPC lparAPC rpar
22 equals2x2 13 equals1300nm 02 equals02 sol98 OM2 lpar50 sol125 rpar 09 equals0 period9mm ten equals100cm B1 lpar2 rpar SU lparA rpar equalsSC solUPC lparAPC rpar
sol eighty three equals850 amp1300nm OM3 lpar50 sol125 rpar 20 equals2mm C1 lpar2 rpar
sol 40 equals40 sol60 OM4 lpar50 sol125 rpar 30 equals3mm twenty equals200cm D1 LU lparA rpar equalsLC solUPC lparAPC rpar
00 equals50 sol50 sol X equalsCustomization

Deal and Mounting Dimension lparmm rpar

Stainless Metal EPT lparA rpar Plastic Box lparB rpar EPTT alloy Box lparC rpar EPTT alloy Rack lparD rpar
Define Define Define Mounting Define Mounting Outline
A1 equals Phi3x50 A5 equals Phi5 period5x34 B1 equals90x20x9 period5 50x12x2 Phi3 period2 C1 equals85x18x8 period4 44 period5x13x2 Phi3 D1 equals129x29x160
A2 equals Phi3x54 A6 equals Phi5 period5x38 B2 equals100x80x10 70×73 period5x4 Phi3 period2 C2 equals90x72x8 86x68x4 Phi3 D2 equals129x58x160
A3 equals Phi3x60 A7 equals Phi5 period5x50 B3 equals120x80x18 80×74 period5x4 Phi3 period2 C3 equals110x95x7 period5 99x84x4 Phi3 period5 D3 equals485x43 period5x230
A4 equals Phi5x70 A8 equals Phi5 period5x64 B4 equals141x115x18 100x106x4 Phi3 period2 C4 equals110x95x15 99x84x4 Phi3 period5 D4 equals485x87x230
Item phi0 period25 Stainless phi0 period9 Stainless phi2 sol3 Stainless phi0 period9 lpar phi2 comma phi3 rpar Plastic phi0 period9 lpar phi2 sol phi3 rpar EPTT Alloy LGX 19 apos Rack
1×2 A1 A2 A4 B1 C1 D1 D3
2×2 A1 A3 A4 B1 C1 D1 D3


Wavelength lparnm rpar
850 pm20 sol1310 pm20 850 amp1310 pm20 Parameter Device Price
Ratio lpar percnt rpar
Insertion Decline lpardB rpar Fiber Sort sol OM1 sol OM2 sol OM3 sol OM4
03 sol97 fourteen period6-17 period5 le0 period70 14 period0-19 period5 le0 period90 Directivity dB gt36
05 sol95 twelve period8-14 period5 le0 period80 twelve period5-15 period0 le1 period00 Return Reduction dB gt36
10 sol90 9 period20—eleven period5 le1 period20 nine period00-12 period0 le0 period20 Surplus Loss dB Typ interval colon lt0 period4 Max interval colon lt0 period7
twenty sol80 6 period70—7 period80 le2 period20 6 period60—8 period20 le0 period20 Pigtail Dia period mm period25 sol0 period9 sol 2 sol three
33 sol67 four period70—6 period00 le2 period50 five period00—6 period40 le0 period20 Pigtail Size cm gt50
forty sol60 3 period80—four period70 le2 period70 3 period60—five period00 le0 period20 Running Tem period ordmC -10~ plus70
50 sol50 2 period90—3 period80 two period80—four period00 Storage Tem period of time ordmC -forty~ plus85

  in Naples Italy  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 8in1 19rack Fbt Multi Mode Coupler manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler